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The SDEA clip soldering system has been developed to support the production of high volumes of glass, guaranteeing process control and lower overheads, the aim being to achieve 0 PPM for unsoldered glass shipped to customers.

In the feasibility and development phases of this new system, various systems were analysed and tested (laser, hot air, induction) and in the end the choice fell on the current SDEA two electrode system with dual energy control.
A variety of innovations and ideas have been incorporated in this machine in order to achieve the objective of ensuring a high level of control of the process while maintaining remarkably easy management and maintenance.

SDEA Key features

The key features of SDEA clip soldering system are as follows:
• Excellent soldering quality
• Total process control
• Low maintenance costs
• Low costs when upgrading to a new model
• Simple mechanical maintenance
• System management using Windows environment with:
- recipe management
- alarm management